About Us

Recharge. Find balance. Heal.

We are on a mission to cultivate beauty from the inside out. From the owners of Spa Bleu Salons and Bleuroot Farm-To-Table Restaurant, Inspire Bleu is a wellness center that offers holistic services to elevate the mind, body and spirit.

We are passionate about helping people take meaningful steps toward a more balanced, joyful life—and our range of specialized yoga classes, group and private meditation sessions and Ayurvedic beauty and health services allow you to do just that. We also offer the tools to help you continue your journey at home, including organic and vegan beauty and skin care products that are both nourishing for the body and good to the earth.

As part of our personal mission to pursue wellness and continuous growth, our staff has travelled to India to study yoga and Ayurveda from master practitioners and to California to learn advanced mind-body practices from the Chopra Center. We also offer continuing education for our staff members to ensure that you are always in the hands of passionate, educated, and highly trained wellness experts.

You’ll never regret committing to your personal wellness. Let us help you do it.