Ayurveda Therapies

Extensive Personal Consultation

Our Ayurvedic consultation will explore your mind/body constitution or Dosha, and any imbalances you might be experiencing. We will also focus on your health concerns. A consultation will allow us to customize your therapy specifically for your needs and create the best possible experience for your body to heal itself.

30 Minutes$30
includes an Intro to Meditation Session

Abhyanga Oil Massage (one Ayurveda Technician)

Rejuvenating detox and stress reduction therapy performed with warm oils blended to your Dosha type, includes a personal consultation.

75 Minutes$175


A continuous flow of warm herbal oils in a slow steady stream on your forehead. This treatment is profoundly relaxing and nourishing.

Full Hour Treatment$175
Does not include Abhyanga Massage
Add on 30/60 minutes to Abhyanga Massage$80/$150


Herbal steam treatment for detoxification. Includes Abhyanga Oil Massage, Shirodhara, & Svedana

2.5 Hours$350


Add on one of the therapies below to Abhyanga or Shirodhara

Greeva Basti
relieves tension and stress in the bones and muscles of the neck and shoulders and improves flexibility
Kati Basti
relieves low back pain and muscle tension and stiffness
30 Minutes Each$65

Ayurvedic Facial Therapy

Hydrates, purifies, nourishes and rejuvenates the skin

30 Min Treatment$65
can be performed alone or included in any service above

Ayurvedic Head Therapy

30 Min Treatment$65