Ayurveda: Ayurveda is a life science or way of living that is an individualized holistic, viewing body and mind as a whole, approach to wellbeing.  Just as we all have a unique fingerprint, we all have a particular pattern of energies that govern each of us.  These energy forces that make up our individual nature are divided into three main mind/body types or doshas; Vata, Pitta, and Kapha.  As we move through life the proportion of each of the three doshas fluctuates according to what is occurring in all aspects of our life.  As they move in and out of balance the doshas can affect our health, energy level and mood.  Through insight, understanding and experience Ayurveda presents a vast wealth of information to maintain order and balance in all aspects of life.

Abhyanga: Holistic healing and Detoxifying body treatment.  Warm oils are blended and customized for each client’s Dosha or mind/body type.  A variety of Ayurvedic techniques are used to work along the energy channels of the body in a synchronized manner to restore the flow of vital energy.  This detoxifying massage works on a cellular level to restore balance to mind, body, and spirit.  Abhyanga is NOT conventional western massage but rather a holistic healing therapy that promotes healing and relieves stress.

Shirodhara:  Oils customized for your dosha type are warmed and gently streamed over the forehead or third eye.  The therapeutic oils flow over the scalp and through the hair creating a blissful state of tranquility and relaxation.

Consultation disclaimer: The information provided by Inspire Bleu is for educational purposes only and is in no way a medical evaluation, diagnosis, or treatment from a licensed physician.

What to know when booking: It is important to note that it is best to experience the Ayurvedic treatments when you can relax and enjoy the time following your appointment and refrain from stressful, busy activity and loud environments.  Many of our therapies use generous amounts of oil.  We highly suggest that you leave the Ayurvedic oils on your skin and in your hair for a several hours or overnight so that they continue to heal and replenish rather than washing immediately after your treatment.  There are no shower or bathing facilities at Inspire Bleu, please plan your post-treatment activities and attire accordingly.

How is an Ayurvedic wellness center different from a day spa?

Rather than simply addressing the body alone Ayurveda aims to prevent and heal disease and symptoms, strengthen the immune system and creates balance and general wellbeing and vitality of the body, mind and soul.

How many treatments do I need?

In order to experience the healing effects of the detoxifying Ayurvedic treatments we suggest a series of treatments over the course of several days.  Seven days of detoxifying treatments are recommended although five and three-day series are also very beneficial.  Single days and shorter treatments are valuable as well. All of our treatments are available in packages making multiple treatments more convenient and affordable.